Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why I Want David Miliband to be the next Labour Leader!

It was always going to be one of the Miliband brothers' as far as I was concerned, but in the end I have opted for David Miliband. Why? Well for one thing he is young, energetic, potentially popular with voters, relaxed, has cabinet experience, realises the need to move on from New Labour, is open to new ideas, and is definitely not of the hard left. What's more he has described in a nutshell what I feel about this country in the past thirty years. That we need a market economy and not a market society.
You can see his campaign site here and will be linking to it within the next couple of days on my sidebar.


Paul Linford said...

in the end I have opted for David Miliband

In the end, Paul?? The campaign hasn't even begun formally! I did think that a blogger of your distinction might spend a bit more time listening to the arguments of the candidates (not all of whom have even declared yet!)

Paul Burgin said...

I see your point Paul, but I honestly think all the big players have declared now, and given that I have equally strong views of who I don't want it to be and that electability and experience are both key I settled on Miliband