Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bloody Sunday - The Saville Report

I was concerned about the length of time it took, but am glad if it meant that the truth emerged in a way that did justice and was unvarnished.
As it is, it is now official that we (the United Kingdom) committed a great wrong in Northern Ireland and David Cameron was therefore right to say sorry. Like him I was brought up to respect the establishment, to respect the institutions in this country. Likewise it grieves me when it becomes clear that there are times, like today, when it is obvious that some who represented us as a country committed a great wrong.
Should those responsible be punished? I don't know, to be honest, as angry as I am about it I think not. It would mean being fair and prosecuting those responsible for a whole series of other atrocities committed during the Troubles by both sides and given the volatility of the situation that will lead us all onto a dangerous path.
But I would like to see some kind of prosecution take place, minus sanction, but if anything the threat of that happening is sanction enough. I'd wager those soldiers involved are very nervous right now, for fear of what may happen if their identities ever come out.
But the real finger of justice should point at whoever gave orders for the Para Regiment to go in. This regiment is like the SAS in that it does not mess about and they were the wrong unit to send in to deal with a peaceful demonstration (although there is the question of the fact an IRA Unit involving Martin McGuinness was nearby) and therefore I wonder what the man who gave that order is feeling now, if he is still alive!

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Neil Harding said...

I am more concerned by the £180m paid to lawyers and judges during this inquiry. Isn't it time we stopped these fat cats at public expense? Rather than cutting the 'waste' of child benefit or subsidised Alzheimer care etc. Couldn't we make lawyers work for nothing on 'public interest' cases. If they refuse, we could hand over their names to the Paras (or the IRA). Only joking, just!