Friday, June 04, 2010

The Cumbrian Massacres

I hesitated before blogging on this, but the issue on gun control here is one which I regretfully say is academic.
The UK has tough gun control laws already and they were tightened as a result of Hungerford and Dunblane, I am glad we have strict laws on guns, despite the silly comments some people make, and where they need enforcing we must do so without hesitation.
But I agree with the PM here (rare I know), you cannot legislate against a switch going off in someone's head. You can work to make sure people never end up in such a psychotic state of mind, but that needs more support for Health organisations and starts a whole argument about the state of community in our society. At the end of the day laws are there to prevent harm but they cannot be there to prevent what goes on in peoples heads, as awful as that sometimes is

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rosegenie said...

U can see why we need Jesus for that x

Neil Harding said...

Paul, what possible justification is there for a taxi driver to have these sorts of weapons at home? The equation seems simple to me. If we want to reduce these incidents from once a decade to once every perhaps 20-30 years, we need to reduce the 600,000 gun licences we issue and the 1.7 million legally owned weapons swilling around out there. As our glorious leader DC says, 'a flick of a switch' in anyone of these 600,000 and it will happen again. When you consider 1 in 4 of us will suffer severe depression or mental illness in our lives, we are taking one hell of a risk dishing out this many legal weapons into the community. We have to ask ourselves is the 'right' to shoot animals or play games shooting clay disks worth this sort of risk? I think we are mad to tolerate the gun lobby having fun playing with guns and putting us all at risk.

As for having 'tough gun laws', I think they are a joke. This guy had a criminal conviction and apparently legal gun owners can go 10 years and no-one will check their home or that their mental health is still ok. Even in the gun-happy US, this guy would never have got a licence. Apply for a gun here and you can even refuse to let the police see your medical records. It is ridiculous.

Stephen said...

Last year 9 people were killed in two spree killing episodes by car. In both incidents a suicidal man drove his car the wrong way up a motorway and had a head-on collision. If either of them had hit a coach, he'd have been responsible for more deaths than Derrick Bird. What is the government doing to protect me from the risk that I might be killed by a suicidal motorist? If these men had not been given a driving licence then these deaths COULD NOT HAVE OCCURRED. Given that both men were driving alone, why should we allow lone men to drive cars? I am sure it would be inconvenient for men to always find another person to accompany them but why the hell should their convenience be counted more important than the LIVES of other people? This is bound to happen again! I am not a driver and I did not sign up for this risk. Clearly the laws around driving are far too loose. If I can make do with public transport then so can everyone else. If you don't have access to public tranbsport then MOVE somewhere that does. It is SO simple. Your rights to car use do not override my right to LIFE. If you want to risk your own life that is one thing but I do not accept that you put my life at risk .....

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