Monday, June 07, 2010

A Question Over Continuity in Bond Films

Having all the Bond films on DVD I have recently started watching them in chronological order, which is worth doing if you have two hours a week to spare and pleasant company to view them with. It's also interesting seeing how they developed over time and seeing the evolution of the Bond formula we know today.
One question has arisen though with regards to continuity. In You Only Live Twice Bond and Blofeld meet for the first time and yet in On Her Majesty's Secret Service Blofeld hardly seems to recognise Bond on meeting him, who is posing as a genealogist. Granted both parts are played by different actors, but even so it is made clear in the film that Lazenby's Bond went through the same events as Connery's, ditto Roger Moore later on if I remember correctly.
So if someone has a good explanation let me know!


Rob Carr said...

I think this is simply down to the change in writers. Roald Dahl (YOLT) was followed by Richard Maibaum(OHMSS). I don't think Maibaum was all that interested in Dahl's previous work. It didn't help that it wasn't just the writers, but the entire team that changed with the exception of the Brocollis.OHMSS is famous for having loads of continuity problems. I'll not list them for now. I'm off to be a geek somewhere else.

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

The books are in the reverse order and so OHMSS (which the film follows quite closely) was the first meeting there.

I think some of this arose in early drafts - at one stage OHMSS was going to have Bond undergoing plastic (and height!) surgery as a disguise in his search for Blofeld but this didn't reach the final script. In the books Blofeld is also big on plastic surgery, which pops up on screen in Diamonds Are Forever.