Thursday, August 26, 2010

Arthur Scargill Loses NUM Voting Rights

Reading this, I wasn't too surprised but two thoughts occurred to me.

1) A pity Scargill was not expelled twenty-five years ago

2) The phrase "hoisted by his own petard!" (he wrote the membership rules) springs to mind.

Make no mistake, Scargill is an unrepentant communist who used strikes and unrest as a way of playing politics and using people's livelihoods in the process. He broke the golden rule of strike action and refused to ballot NUM members when he launched the Miners' Strike which was used as a political battleground between the then government and the extremists running the NUM. The only casualties were the miners and their families who had barely enough to get by, plus helping to keep the Conservatives in power for a good deal longer.
I hope one day Scargill realises the damage he has done with his political games.

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iansully said...

Just read David Peace book GB1984 adn it brought the whole thing to life! And in that book the only people that really lose are the miners themselves....

Shame on all your houses springs to mind for the other protagonists