Sunday, August 01, 2010

Clare Balding Vs AA Gill

There are some unpleasant individuals within the world of newspapers who seem to take a perverse pleasure in causing offence. Some are more well known than others, one thinks of Kelvin Mackenzie or Rod Liddle for example, but some would add AA Gill to that list and it's easy to see why.
For me however it's not so much his comments which annoyed me, but those of the Sunday Times Editor whom one might think was a little more responsible and mature with regard to these matters. How one can equate making fun of ones dress sense compared to ones sexuality is beyond me, I mean, how many people have committed suicide due to the trauma involved in having a bad dress sense in comparison to someone being bullied and ridiculed for being gay? Indeed I didn't know that, like gay people, fashion victims had no choice in what they wore!
I sincerely hope that the Sunday Times thinks before it digs itself a further hole and apologise to Clare Balding for offence caused.


Alice said...

My goodness! If she is that sensitive, we absolutely must get her off the telly! If she is so tortured inside that she cannot bear to have her sexuality known, she needs professional help rather than coddling and risk that she might end it all by blowing her brains out.

I can only imagine what she might do if she suffered some real setback, like losing her job or her femme girlfriend's fighting for sole custody of their Yorkie.

Paul Burgin said...

Have another read of my blog post. Being labelled a lesbian doesn't bother her, being labelled as a ; lesbian in a derogatory way does. There is a difference