Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Minor Operation

I suppose there is an element of the hypochondriac here, but I am a little bit nervous as tomorrow I will have a minor operation to remove two or three cysts from my head.
I have had similar operations twice before and no doubt more will follow, as I have a genetic problem where the sweat glands on my head do not work properly, so there is an unfortunate build up of nasty fatty stuff. The operation itself involves a local anaesthetic and slicing out the larger cysts, which is a bit icky but does it's job. It certainly means I can comb my hair less out of vanity and more out of necessity.
So why the nerves? Well I am a bit of a wuss with these things if that isn't obvious already. The injections can be painful, there is always the minor, but real risk of significant blood loss, and then there is the crippling headache I have for the rest of the day where I end up having a large snooze in spite of having a full previous nights sleep and right now I am thinking that in a matter of hours I will be going through all of that.
I appreciate people have to contend with far worse, that I am being silly, but I am also a little scared, so thoughts, prayers, etc.. would be appreciated and at least I can deal with the fact that it will be a long while before the next operation after this one.


Andrew said...

Hope it goes well!

Paul Burgin said...