Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Woman Who Threw the Cat in the Wheelie Bin

As someone who is a lifelong cat lover, I was shocked and angry to have read yesterday about the woman who was caught on CCTV stroking a cat and then throwing it in a wheelie bin. I did think it was bizzare enough to suggest that she was charged but put forward for psychiatric help.
Today's news has added to my concerns, not least that she thought it was "funny" and expected the cat to wiggle free from the bin. How anyone can expect an animal that weighs under a stone and has the full height of less than two feet to escape from a wheelie bin is beyond me, it leaves me even more agahst that she claims to have done it as a spur of the moment joke. Clearly the woman needs help, but equally it is important to let the police, the RSPCA, and the owners concerned to deal with this and for people not to let their sense of outrage consume them.

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Anonymous said...

seeing the woman on channel 4 news, she's clearly a lonely & embittered put upon spinster living with her mother. whilst her spiteful act was cruel, it clearly does not warrant the media attention & subsequent outrage from the public.

she's just one of many frustrated & miserable people in Britain who are unhappy with themselves & their lives.

as much as love cats, they are born survivors who are prone to getting into scrapes...arguably this unattractive & clearly unhappy woman has suffered more as a result of her rash & thoughtless behaviour.