The Coulson Story Will Drag On

Given the recent expose in The New York Times (hardly a tabloid known for salacious muck-raking), it seems there was more to the phone-tapping story that at first met the eye. As a consequence Andy Coulson will have to answer some serious questions, notably:

1) Why did Andy Coulson deny all knowledge of the phone tapping?

2) Why is hardly anyone, save the Conservatives, finding his story credible? At the very least he is guilty of serious misjudgement

There is the other factor which is that this does not bode well for David Cameron. If it wasn't bad enough that he has a Chancellor who tends to be looked at with wariness by City analysts, he also seems to have a Spin Doctor who is either severely incompetent or has about the same moral judgements as Damian McBride. That is a poor reflection on Cameron's judgement and it is no wonder then that Tories are falling over backwards to claim it is a Labour plot, which is an interesting analysis given that it is an American newspaper which is doing the expose.
This looks like it will run and we are about to see dirt fall on the Tories like mudwater on a passer by from a car going over a puddle. One hopes so anyway


Anonymous said…
Let's hope so!!

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