Sunday, September 19, 2010

Farewell Tom Harris?

I have to admit I am torn.
Esteemed No 1 Labour blogger and one of my favourite MP's, Tom Harris, is standing for election to the Shadow Cabinet.
And yes, this is a good thing and part of me hopes he is elected, but here is the rub.
If he is it's farewell to his blog
Which is a pity, as Tom writes well and is perhaps the best Labour blogger we have in terms of popularity, in articulating arguments (take a look at his latest post where he lays into Danny Alexander's speech), and in terms of keeping a moderate perspective on what the Labour Party is and should be.
In either case I wish him well, because whatever happens he will be an asset, either to the Shadow Cabinet, or to the blogosphere.

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Paul Linford said...

I hope Tom gets on the Shadow Cabinet, not because I hate his blog, or even because I like it, but because IMHO the fewer members of the Brown Cabinet are in the new Shadow Cabinet the better. The party badly needs new faces in some of the key roles. Others I hope to see in there include Chris Leslie, John Healey, Caroline Flint, Kevin Brennan and Helen Goodman.