Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pitching an idea

First of all I'd like to state that, aside from an occasional thought, I have no plans to give up blogging, but there are moments where I wonder where this is going and the enthusiasm goes down somewhat. This is inevitable in running anything over a period of time and I have been doing this now for five-and-a-half years. Overall I still enjoy blogging, I like the opportunity to bring forth my views and opinions in such an environment, and feel that whilst things are tough and Twitter is more useful and seems to be taking over, there is a niche for a market where one can mention viewpoints of over 140 characters.
That said one needs to adapt and change in order to survive, and one idea that has occurred to me is making Mars Hill a team effort. Would it help I wonder if I have a team of four or five like-minded people working for me, sharing their own thoughts and ideas? Am not sure, but you are the audience so to speak, so I will be interested in your views. Should I stay solo, or make Mars Hill more of a team blog with me at the helm?

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Chirs Meadows said...


If you read any of the proclaimed self-help blogging guides the way forward in 2010-2011 is the Guest blogger.

having people pop up on your blog either in a regular weekly/monthly slot or at random to provide guest posts.

Maybe that is your next move.


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