Saturday, January 22, 2011

Andy Coulson's Resignation

Actually I agree with Coulson, he was becoming the story, but doesn't this say a lot about Cameron's judgement that he hired someone to work in a politically sensitive role where there was, at best, a cloud of suspicion that everyone knew about over the said individual. Doesn't this say much about the desire among senior Tories to play Machiavellian games with political strategy rather than dealing with detail and policy! The mere sadistic joy many felt at Coulson's resignation may well have been ill placed at times (and I admit my contribution as well), but it says much about people's loathing for the more seamier side of Murdoch's empire that has been uncovered and Cameron should have known better.
I have a feeling that this kind of embarrassment is by far not the last for the Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

As regards your argument re: Cameron's judgement in hiring someone with a cloud of suspicion over them, could you not make the same argument in respect of Ed Miliband putting Phil Woolas on the front bench? Or did he do so before Woolas' literature came under scrutiny?


Paul Burgin said...

I don't think Woolas's literature was so well known then, but ditto I disagreed with Woolas's appointment