Monday, January 10, 2011

Congresswoman Giffords

Words fail to describe accurately, the shock of what happened here, but if anything it shows that sometimes in politics, and sometimes in particular US politics, there never seems to be a cauldron of hatred far from the surface. Sometimes both left and right get angry to the point of lacking reason on issues. The do or die, the last ditch (one thinks for example of equating Obama's Healthcare to Nazi Germany), we see on blogs, trolls leaving vicious and nasty little personal messages which are out of proportion. Then you get some who take things a step further and use violence, sometimes fuelled by the vicious abuse going on elsewhere.
Those of us who are politicians, political activists, bloggers, and journalists have a duty not just to be forthright and assertive in our arguments, but to also dampen the vicious abuse that goes on under the surface. It's tough and sometimes we fail, but we must. It's understandable that Sarah Palin is quick to distance herself from some of her comments, but I find it cold that the first thing her team does is to clear her site from some of the comments she made about Congresswoman Giffords. It's understandable, but an apology for some of her comments, such as this one would have helped a great deal. Her comments certainly bothered Congresswoman Giffords, whose offices were attacked when she backed the Healthcare Bill.
I for one agree with the editorial on  MSNBC. And naming names on Right and Left. We must stop, we must think, we must be responsible, and aim to be virtuous in our politics and spurn hatred.

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Man in a Shed said...

What's interesting here is the cause of the event is uncertain and unconfirmed beyond who carried out the attack. Everything else has been high-jacked by the politics of opportunism.