Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Andrew Marr Injunction

I can see why some feel that he is a hypocrite, but lets look at this another way. If you have had an affair and regret it, and if you want to protect your family, the person you have had an affair with and a child you believe to be yours (or if you are a female, the child whom you believe the former lover to be the father), and you want to put the whole situation behind you, what would you have done?


Anonymous said...

Sorry Paul, but your argument holds no water whatsoever. Hislop sums it up nicely.

"As a leading BBC interviewer, who's asking politicians about failures in judgement, failures in their private lives, inconsistencies, it was pretty rank of him to have an injunction when acting as an active journalist"

It's not that people might feel he's a hypocrite, he clearly is a hypocrite. It's simply not in question, he's even admitted it himself. This guy was happy 'casting stones' and being very well paid for it when not exactly without sin himself, that is the problem Paul.

Can I ask if you would, hand on heart, have the same opinion if the adulterous protagonist in question was, say, a right wing journo like Richard Littlejohn? I'm interested to know. My own views are mainly socialist in nature, but I do find that most of my also left leaning friends have a moral blind spot when it comes to objective criticism of the dodgy behaviour of people who don't hold right wing views. It's a shame we also display such hypocrisy.

Lee said...

He shouldn't have had the affair in the first place.

It makes you wonder how on Earth he could be effective in his job as a reporter when he himself is involved in a conspiracy to hide the truth from other journalists.

Jim said...

Fair point.
I fail to see why these injuctions are a problem? We should have the right to know if our politicians are lying, but do we really have the right to demand to know the private lives of sports stars, celebrities or journalists? Why not injunction the lot and focus the news on something more important that who John Terry cheated on his wife with this week?

Steve H said...

If you've been foolish enough to father a child by another woman and then imagine that you can "put it all behind you", you should be ashamed of yourself.

Nice thing to say to the child when it grows up: I wanted to put you behind me.

Paul Burgin said...

First of all my apologies for not publishing comments and responding sooner.

Anon, I see what you are saying regarding Richard Littlejohn, but I'd like to think I was consistent. There are times, places, and good reasons to attack right-wing press bullies, such scenarios are not among them.

Lee, you are right he shouldn't have. I am in no way defending that

Steve, Andrew Marr is not the father and I see your point, but what an awful situation

Anonymous said...

There is always a point where ones work and private life will overlap. For most of us mere mortals it's mundane overtime or the odd hour working at home.

For those that have decided to earn substantial remuneration by putting themselves out in the public eye then they are beholden to those that support their career. Andrew Marr is an exact case in point. Ok so he had an affair. Not the best idea for a TV journalist but even they should be allowed to be human. Wanting to keep it a secret and not being able to, by having some other journalist let the cat out of the bag must have been infuriating, but surely he must have realised that it was ‘game over’. Herein lay the choice and as said above, not for the first time.

This was the time to be big and take the stick. Marr didn’t. He took a cowardly path and tried to hide behind the style of barrier he would be only too quick to break for others whose secrets he was trying to probe. Andrew Marr’s career is over. He should never work as a journalist again. He probably will work behind the scenes in the BBC, but he has compromised his impartiality, ruined his reputation and any form of credibility is totally lost.

My only hope is that the super injunction will finally be discredited and the likes of Ian Hislop will continue to stand in the vanguard of expectation that the powerful and influential be exposed should they trespass against us. For those that trespass against their friends and family – they deserve all the rebuke that society deems fit to bestow on them.