Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fifty Years Ago Today...

Yuri Gagarin blasted into space and became the first astronaut/cosmonaut. A remarkable achievement and a remarkable start to an era in mankind's history. Here is an interview with Yuri Gagarin shortly after wards on UK Television


editor.htfp said...

Little-known fact about Yuri Gagarin: he once stopped off for a pee at the public toilets on The Triangle, Belper, Derbyshire

Steve M said...

I posted a brief item on Yuri Gugarin's achievement from President Kennedy's perspective on the KingKennedy blog.


Having just read your most interesting profile on Normblog, I note that you list JFK and Bobby Kennedy amongst your political heroes. The heroes of our movie, KingKennedy, are JFK, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. The film (in its rough-cut version) has just won 'Best Documentary' at the Sunscreen film festival in Florida. I'm sure you would find it of interest.

Steve Margolis