Monday, May 02, 2011

Bin Laden Dead

One doesn't quite feel the relief that you'd think. There is still his organisation and any sensible person will know that we still have a major fight on our hands.
I for one would have liked to have seen Bin Laden face trial and given life-long imprisonment, but that has not happened and now he will have to face the Almighty and explain his actions. For the friends and relatives of those who died on 9/11 and subsequent terrorist attacks, this will not heal their grief by itself, and our thoughts and prayers must remain with them, as well as the impressionable who can get easily sucked into Al Qaeda

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Anonymous said...

I also felt uneasy when hearing this news as ‘summary execution’ instantly came to mind. I don’t come from the “string ‘em all up” camp, as any miss-carriage of justice is a bit irreversible and sorry doesn’t quite cover it, when the presumed perpetrator is already dead. Let alone the ‘American Way’ of retribution and “Got Him” justice. However, in Bin Laden’s case I can comprehend the justification, if not the deed.

It is proposed (by the sages of the Today programme) that had he been captured, faced trial and given life-long imprisonment, there would have been the potential for reprisal, with at least hostage seizure or acts of terror to (in Al Qaeda miss-guided minds) put pressure for his release, which, I find a compelling (though uncomfortable) argument for his dispatch. As is also the case of burial at sea to negate the ‘Shrine’ effect.

Yet I feel that as so many families have been affected by the terrorist acts undertaken by his controlling hand or to uphold his twisted ideals, that many may well find it a help to “heal their grief” by his demise. Any concept of forgiveness for the perpetrator of the deeds often seems very low on many victims’ thoughts. (Although there may be some who can reach this albeit difficult but noble state of mind and I hope never to be in the position to find out if I could forgive my trespassers to that extent).

As for the conspiracy theory tribe (seemingly led on twitter by Michael Moore!/mmflint ) I think it is more about the political stance v CIA secrecy than a search for ‘the truth’. Having said that, the varying stories from the White House etc. certainly help to muddy the waters.

I am less hopeful that prayer will help and fearfully expect that “the impressionable who can get easily sucked into Al Qaeda”, however sadly for them and us all, will still be targeted by the radical forces whose teachings are against all non-Sunni peoples, with possibly a new Emir rising to the fore (unless of course the USA ‘drones’ get them first – and here we go again).