Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Human Sheld That The Lib Dems Are!

Some might say that Norman Lamb's talk is that of hubris. But consider Chris Huhne's spat with George Osborne in cabinet, or Conservative MP Peter Bone saying we shall soon see the end of the coalition.
Make no mistake, the Cameron/Clegg love-in is currently going through a spat. How deep and how long that will last is a matter of conjecture, but the grassroots in both parties have never been comfortable with this liaison and if it falls apart then Labour had better be ready to pick up the pieces.

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ChrisG (nee anonymous) said...

If one decides that the only political party to reflect ones beliefs are the Liberal Democrats and you nail your colours to their mast, (X marks the spot) then you should be totally aware that it is inherent that you will always be in for a bumpy ride.

It’s bad enough to try and reach consensus of opinion when two companies start to work together let alone political parties. Could it possibly be that during the initial coalition discussions the two sets of negotiators started to compare their final aims and goals as being of a similar ilk and not the path it will take to get there? It appears to me that it is the considered processes, or even dare I say promises, that were made prior to last year’s election, that have come to grief on the hidden rocks of the Tory’s navigation, which are the cause of the current consternation.

As for the recent election results, I was thinking of writing a counter argument to your statement but I find that the others have already written exactly what I wanted to say ‘Darn it’. http://theredrock.wordpress.com/2011/05/06/saying-that-the-lib-dems-were-%e2%80%98punished-for-their-betrayal%e2%80%99-is-too-simplistic/