Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Days of Reckoning for News of the World

What shocks me about the latest revelations about the News of the World is that I am shocked. I have enough cynicism about some aspects of tabloid journalism and indeed aspects of News Corp's empire to expect bad behaviour, but this is something so low that I fear if I had been asked to hack a victim's phone or did of my own volition, I would have not just felt bad, I would have gone somewhere and been physically sick and shaking with fear, bit maybe that's just me!
This goes far. It seems clear, increasingly so, that the phone hacking scandal is widespread and that if Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson didn't know about it they were among the most incompetent editors in the UK! I am increasingly of the view that it isn't if, it is when Rebekah Brooks will resign/be sacked.
But this culture is partly down to the attitudes of the UK public. We knew that they were salacious publications firing off tittle tattle and intruding into People's private lives in a way we would hate if it happened to us. Some buy these papers on excuses like "It's for the crossword!", that sounds like a couple around 1938 saying; "I only visit Germany because Bavaria looks pretty!" Moral responsibilty is highly important and we all have our role to play. I am/will be playing mine by encouraging people not to buy the News of the World until yet not only apologise, bit change as well and lead by positive example. I hope you will do something similar

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Man in a Shed said...

There's a bit of bonfire of the vanities about all this just now.

Yes listening to someone else's voice-mail or reading their email ( Sarah Palin for example ) is distasteful and wrong. Just as hacks going through people's rubbish and quite frankly paparazzi photographers are nasty also.

But this outrage is really all about politics, and its using the misfortune of the people concerned just as blatantly as those who discovered certain politicians don't set passwords on their voicemail.

Also we have other 'invasions of privacy' that have very much been in the public interest such a the watergate tapes and the climategate emails.

This is all about score settling and fake outrage, and very little about the poor people who's grief has been added to by invasion of the their privacy.