Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gordon Brown's Allegations Against News International

This is extraordinary and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse it does. If true, then it adds fuel to the accusation that News International, and indeed some of the culture around our tabloid press, are a malign influence on British life. When the Murdoch Empire collapses, which I am increasingly confident it soon will, I hope a debate starts in this country about whether we want a regulated media built along Reithian lines, or a sensationalist bullying media, that in truth has more tight, albeit malign, regulation from it's owners, built along Northcliffe's style of journalism


Tom Paine said...

By "a regulated media on Reithian lines", presumably you mean one where a journalist who tells the embarrassing truth about a Labour government can be hounded into resignation (together with his boss) by a vicious bully serving the PM? One where civil servants who dare leak the truth to the people can be exposed and hounded into suicide?

One where the state media can be cowed into providing an endless platform for said bully; hiring him to read out his own books, promoting him relentlessly and even (hilariously) allowing him to comment on the "fitness and propriety" of media moguls. One where a steady increase in public spending can be endlessly and dishonestly characterised as "cuts" to suit the needs of one party?

It seems, according to the latest news, that Gordon Brown is being more economical with the truth than he ever was with our money. Anyway, if he and his family were really so upset with Rebekah, why did Sarah organise a 40th birthday party for her, two years after the alleged incident? The tongue/brogue interface between governing party and NI was never closer than under Blair and Brown (until Murdoch tired of the latter). If it had been up to your party, they would still be chuckling gleefully at the operational methods of the tabloids.

No party that employed the viciously amoral Alistair Campbell (and which is dependent on that wicked man as its principal private donor) has any moral standing to speak on these issues. There have been few more malign influences on British life than him - but he's your vicious bully, isn't he? So that's fine then. Hypocrite.

Paul Burgin said...

Tom I think you are being selective about the BBC there, and with regards to the incident you refer to I feel it wasn't their finest hour and that is being polite. The problem with dealing with Murdoch is that the bottom line being that people suffered from fear.
I don't approve of bullying from any Party or any person so where's the hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy is very very obvious. You're willing to highlight Cameron's 'fault' and all the Tories did wrong whilst forgetting all of the wrongs that Mr Paine highlighted above.

Your party - who did far worse - are incredulously attempting to make this a partisan issue!