Abortion and Dorries. What Isn't Being Done!

Much has been said around the blogosphere and twittersphere about Nadine Dorries's proposals for wider counselling on abortions,
What bothers me however is not the debate itself, but the language used. This is an issue which involves trauma, hurt, depression, anger, etc.. Many of those on both sides have a lot of emotional investment on this issue, for whatever reason and so why are people (inc Nadine Dorries) not being careful with their language, throwing accusations, instead of trying carefully and gently to win people over. How is anyone going to convince those who disagree on an issue such as abortion by being like this?
It's important to bear in mind the decency and humanity of the opponent, however disgraceful you find their views. It's important not to patronise, accuse, belittle, otherwise you will achieve almost zero in the long term.


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