Fisking Kelvin Mackenzie on Scotland!

Normally I wouldn't even bother fisking a column by Kelvin Mackenzuie, but I was drawn attention to his usual diatribe against Scots this morning and noticed a couple of things that concern me and should concern Daily Mail readers.

The first thing that bothered me was when he said:

As things stand, the Scots receive 19 per cent more State money per head than the English, which leads to the disgraceful situation where we are giving people who don’t even like us free prescriptions, free universities and the like, whereas we haven’t enough money to do that for our own people.

I would like Cameron to address this issue — after all it won’t cost him politically as he has more chance of seeing Gaddafi in Scotland than a Conservative voter.

Is it me or is Mackenzie writing that without being fully aware of the pain and misery felt by Scots over Lockerbie and how his remarks could be taken? If this is on the same level as his Hillsborough comments then it doesn't just show Mackenzie to be nasty, it shows him to be incompetent and foolish as well!

He then stated:

I do not want to keep paying. So I suggest we bring those clever folk from Israel who put the wall around their country and get them to do the same for Scotland. Then we can give the Scots independence and perhaps suggest they merge their currency with Greece.
We could call it the Skinto.

I am sure the people of Israel and Palestine, who suffer violence, misery, and hardship, will be happy to be compared with Scotland and England where the issue, if it is to the level Mackenzie suggests, is purely economic.
A word of free advice to Kelvin Mackenzie. Make a monumental effort to change the unpleasant habits of many years and think before you click send


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