Friday, October 28, 2011

Line of Succession Changed

Am very pleased with this and feel it's about time. Put simply if ones gender should not be a bar in any other job why should women be at the back of a succession queue within each immediate family within the Royal line of succession?
It's a pity though that it is not retrospective but I appreciate that may cause problems, and I am also glad that the ban on marrying Roman Catholics has been lifted, but agree with Alex Salmond that it is a pity that the ban on Catholics ascending to the throne is still there. I can understand why, it's simply because the monarch is Head of the Church of England, well there is an answer to that isn't there, you destablish the C of E, but that will cause uproar for all sorts of reasons and, whilst that is understandable in some cases, clearly some would rather prefer what is comfortable to what is a basic moral right


Stephen Glenn said...

Disestablish the C of E and make the Monarch Defender of Faiths as Prince Charles has already suggested and you have it sorted.

Paul Burgin said...

First part yes, second part am unsure about. Does Prince Charles mean Defender in political or religious sense? If political then fine