Saturday, October 22, 2011

St Paul's Cathedral and Monty Python: Christian Behaviour

I haven't been following the news much this week, but I was struck by Timothy Moore's blogpost about the protest outside St Paul's and I have to say that from what I have heard about the protest I agree with him.
I appreciate the Health and Safety aspect but these protesters do not want to make life difficult for tourists or worshippers, they want to protest against the corrosive abuses within our society. Namely greed! Christ , as it is said, mixed with the poor and vulnerable and, yes there is nothing wrong with being rich (so long as ones wealth is used wisely), but wealth is not to be worshipped and it is sad that some churches which operate near the City of London, do seem to largely ignore the responsibility side of what the Bible says about money so as not to cause offence and yes one should avoid offence, but not at the cost of diluting the Gospel.
In a similar vein I caught a repeat of that infamous debate between Michael Palin and John Cleese Vs the then Bishop of Southwark and Malcolm Muggeridge on BBC Four on Wednesday night. Repeated from Nov 1979 it makes riveting television although as a Christian I feel embarrassed by Muggeridge and Mervyn Stockwood (the said Bishop of Southwark). I didn't fully agree with Cleese and Palin, but I love the film and accept their premise that the film attacks the inconsistency of followers, not Christ himself. As it was Muggeridge and Stockwood turned it into a slanging match complete with insults ("You'll get your thirty pieces of silver!" from Stockwood).
Please remind me of this in future, but Christians are called to love ones neighbour and ones enemies and even if it was playing to the gallery (which would be more disgusting), it is ones duty to listen and learn. Stockwood and Muggeridge found themselves up a blind alley and did not do that and sadly probably turned a lot of people away from looking at a relationship with Christ in one night.


Kiff said...


The problem with the protest is
a) Now it has received the media attention people will think ooo it is the must place to be to show I am socially aware and like moths to a flame all these so call individuals will all go to the same spot.
b) When you get any mass gathering there are basic sanitation requirement that must be met and these wastrels, workdodgers and tax avoiders probably don't realise that crapping on someone’s grave is just wrong.

Take your own church if a bunch or Gypsies rocked up from Dale Farm (because lets face it these protestors and the same as those protesting about the closure there) and set up in your Church Grounds what would you do. I am sure at first the Christian Spirit in you would say ok they can stay we should support fellow man. However as things progressed and you were paying to dispose of their rubbish, the extra use of water, the problem that when 100 of them try to use the two toilets in the church it go blocked so they peed on they memorial statue, The fact that Mrs Jones from down the road no longer comes in on Wednesdays to do the flowers cause she is worried about walking past them and finally the worry that one drunk stoned person deciding at 03:00 to cook bacon could burn your church down. I think at that point your Christian Sprit would waver.

Just saying, it is all well and good being sat beind your computer saying "The church should support this" but if your the person responsible for supporting the Chrurch what do you do?


Paul Burgin said...

It would waver, but that is precisely why there should always be open lines of communication with the initial organisers and make sure that they are only there until their initial aims have been met. Something if I recall was not the case with Brian Haw outside the Palace of Westminster