Monday, December 12, 2011

Cameron's Mistake Over EU

I can understand the patriotic feelings some have regarding Europe and how some are pleased about Cameron's veto, but from a Pro-British perspective, lets see what this will mean!

  • It means we are unable to get a good deal for Britain on the negotiating table
  • It means that the PM has not shown initiative and helped other countries in terms of safeguards for EU countries
  • As Ed Miliband states, it is a diplomatic disaster and cites Article 217 of the EU Constitution. He still wants EU benefits but cannot negotiate how they are used. That is not patriotic, that is a flag waving spasm. Lord Heseltine has stated that  "You cannot protect the interests of the City by floating off into the middle of the Atlantic"

Well done Prime Minister.In pandering to a gang of blind backbenchers and in playing the patriotic card you have succeeded in damaging Britain's interests

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Kiff said...


When a ship sinks the captain stays at the helm and drowns with the boat.
The EU is a sinking ship we are not the captain and the frogs and the sausage eaters will make sure we will never be, so we would just be drag down and left wrecked on the bottom of the ocean.

As it stands we will not be tarred with the same brush as Italy, Greece. I mean why, what has the EU given us apart form straighter bananas, higher farm taxes to pay French farmers so they can create a butter mountain and milk lake and laws that mean you can do something wrong and no be punished because it is unjust to your human rights that someone told the truth about you.