Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Osborne - A Profile

I happened to read yesterday's Guardian profile on George Osborne and several things struck me.
The first was a reminder to when I was helping Rachel in her campaign and she said to me at one stage whilst we were talking about the economy "You really don't like him do you!" The answer to that is somewhat mixed and indeed I have been disgusted with Osborne's attitude and behaviour over the past few years as this blog shows.
What concerns me about Osborne is not really to do with him being a Conservative, or even a Thatcherite Conservative (Iain Dale and Tim Montgomerie are Thatcherites and I like and respect them, even if I strongly disagree with them from time to time), it is not even to do with his occasional barbs (William Hague is good at them and is liked by a no of Labour activists inc myself), it's his determined approach without thinking of the consequences and lack of proper self awareness.
When he makes snide comments you get the impression it is meant. This is someone who fails to properly take into account that those on the receiving end will remember and will hold it against him. Then there is the hypocrisy with his attacks on Gordon Brown, and yet as this profile shows, Osborne has been seen in the same way in the way he conducts himself as Chancellor, and, not for the first time he is seen as someone who prefers politics in general and out-manoeuvring people, rather than the job in hand. It is also the seeming refusal to admit mistakes and being at the forefront, rather than being a back-room boy, which may well count heavily against him. Yesterday's Autumn Statement was not very encouraging with Osborne blaming others, as he and Cameron usually do. If he continues down this path he may well find he has no political career, and for someone who has some of the talents he has, to see them ruined by his own cynical opportunism, bullying attitude, and lack of financial prowess, that would be a sad sight indeed. The no's of ordinary people suffering as a result of his policies even more so.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Osborne's Autumn Statement

Of course we don't know what he is going to say, but it looks like he will state that growth is much slower and borrowing much higher than he expected.
I find this to be of some concern. I am not an economist, but if that continues then we are at risk of a Double-dip recession. I just hope Osborne now fully appreciates the value of having a Plan B which many have urged him to use for some time

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Leveson Inquiry

I thought I was cynical, I thought I knew exactly what the tabloid press (some more than others) were like. I was wrong, some of the stories given by witnesses shocked me and made me realise just how out of control, arrogant, immoral, and hypocritical some of the tabloid press are.What also sticks is that when sanctions will be put against them, as they should be, they will no doubt trot out the usual cliches of frrodom of the press (which I agree is important) and making themselves out to be latter day Woodward and Bernsteins. Forgive me, but I cannot imagine Woodward and Bernstein behaving in the way journalists (or rather muck raker's) and paparazzi have done in the way witnesses at the Leveson Inquiry have described. The sooner strict rules and sanctions are brought in, the sooner the self regulation comes to an end, the better.

Congratulations to Suzy Stride

Warmest congratulations to Suzy Stride for being elected as Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow.Whilst I am disappointed Rachel did not do so well, Suzy will make a fantastic MP for the constituency and Rachel has now enough experience under her belt to try elsewhere and has made a fantastic start

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm Back

Apologies for the long delay, as I have been spending most of my spare time, if not doing housework etc.. helping Rachel in her campaign to be elected as Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow.
It's been tough, but (obviously I am biased as Rachel is my girlfriend ad a Mars Hill contributor) Rachel has done extraordinarily well. Six months ago she wasn't on any list and to be shortlisted on the first occasion she goes for a seat, and a Labour target one at that, is incredible.
I hope Rachel does win tomorrow, but if not she has done extremely well and should be proud of her achievements

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Joe Frasier

Saddened to read of Joe Frasier's death yesterday. I have to say I have never been and never will be a fan of boxing, I find the sport barbaric, but that said the "Thriller in Manila" is a match I have some interest in, for the simple reason it took place when I was a few hours old (I was born on September 30th 1975), where Muhammed Ali beat him after fourteen rounds. Apparently they were major rivals who became friends later on and you do hear of some boxers being friends before and after fights, but maybe it's me but I do find the whole boxing thing a bit awful and I certainly wouldn't want to beat up any of my friends in a boxing ring, professional sport or otherwise!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Philip Gould RIP

Was saddened but not surprised to read about this as I saw him interviewed in September on the Andrew Marr Show, where he talked about facing death with terminal cancer.He was a decent guy and you don't get too many of those in politics.
His legacy is a rich and lasting one and one that extends beyond the UK (indeed according to the Dictionary of Labour Biography, he helped advise the Clinton Campaign in the 1992 US Presidential elections) , this being that Gould's main view was that the Labour Party needed to adapt to the times and needs of the people, so what might have worked in 1964 might not have worked in 1997 and what worked in 1997 might not work today and so on. He was a pragmatist and one with a social conscience and we always need more people like that in the Labour Party, and indeed in British politics.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Rachel Stalker for Harlow

As some of you may know, Rachel is on the shortlist to be Labour Spokesperson for the Parliamentary seat of Harlow. Her campaign website can be found here and her blog can be found here

Thursday, November 03, 2011

St Paul's Protestor's "Can Stay Till January"

A great response and one that shows a U Turn from St Paul's and the City of London. Both sides are now being reasonable and not knee jerk about this!
The Right need to realise two things when dealing with these protests. One, many of them are not anti-capitalist, rather they are against the abuses of capitalism. Two, the left here is made up of individuals, many of them decent hard working people, rather than corrupt-ridden hard left millitant unions, as was the case in some main disputes during the 1970s. If they can recognise that then maybe we can get some real dialogue going and get some positive results!