Monday, April 16, 2012

The 1970s, Was It An Awful Decade?

Was intrigued by this piece on the 1970s and I have to admit that it is a fav decade of mine, but then I was born in 1975 and my memories of this time are coloured by Mr.Men, Flumps, Play School, and Camberwick Green. I also, circa 1979 till about 1982-3, had an obsession with road signs and car no plates, but maybe that's a different story.
Certainly many of us looking back at that decade were children at the time and therefore that perhaps colours our views of that decade with the sweets, the various types of bicycles, the TV programmes etc.. so maybe the best thing is to draw up a list of pros and cons, so here are mine


Raleigh Bicycles
Start of TV Programmes such as Newsround, Record Breakers, Porridge, Antiques Roadshow, Saturday morning programmes, Mastermind, The Dukes of Hazzard etc..
Space Hoppers
Super Noodles
Video Cassettes
Angel Delight
Star Wars
Saturday Night Fever
Pot Noodle
The Queen's Silver Jubilee
Blakes 7
Soda Stream
Space Invaders
Kate Bush
Pope John Paul I

Three Day Week
Wildcat Strikes
Growth of terrorism in UK, West Germany, Japan, Middle East etc..
Idi Amin
Winter of Discontent
Polarisation of British politics
Oil Crisis
Russian invasion of Afghanistan
Khmer Rouge ruling Cambodia four four years
John Lennon struggling to get Green Card
The Jeremy Thorpe Saga

There are many more pros and cons, but this just shows perhaps that the 1970s were not a decade one can perhaps easily write off

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Skuds said...

I think you were too young to properly appreciate the 70's!

Long hot summers
White christmases
Anarchy in the UK
Dad's Army
Tubular Bells
Apocalypse Now
Dirty Harry
Yes, Genesis, Floyd in their pomp
Reggie Perrin
West Ham winning the FA Cup
Ford Capris
Jon Pertwee & Tom Baker

On the other hand... Thatcher.

Not sure about Walkmen though. They may have existed at the end of the 70s but I don't think anybody in the UK had one until the 80s.