Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Proposal and Inviting MP Meme!

Obviously when you get engaged the jokes start coming in thick and fast and so it is that Mars Hill contributor Stephen Glenn pointed out that there may be a tradition for politicos that they invite the MP for the area where the politico couple were in when the question was popped. I mention this and of course Paul Linford suggests it can be a Blog Meme so here it is:

Where were you when the question was asked/you were asked the question?

St Kenelm's Church, Church Enstone

Who is/was the MP for the area?

David Cameron, Conservative MP for Witney and Prime Minister

What role would you give/have given MP at wedding/civil partnership?


Would there be terms and conditions to such an invite?

Yes, Ed Miliband comes along as well

Would the MP be mentioned/have been mentioned in the speeches?

Very likely. The rule would be politeness, but criticism of the govts policies would prevail, albeit in light-hearted banter

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Skuds said...

I'm not sure I know who the MP for Corfu town is. Actually, I'm positive that I *don't* know who the MP is.

Added to that, Jayne and I didn't invite anyone to our wedding (not even our parents) but did it all on the quiet with no reception or party so no invites and no speeches.

I can answer question one though: Corfu :)

PS. Ten years and counting now and not a single serious argument so we must have done something right. I hope it all goes as well for you.

Paul Burgin said...

LOL Thanks