Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tories Being Disingenuous About Boundary Changes!

Reading this, some questions come to mind. If any Conservative activist cares to answer them, please feel free!

1) Aren't the Conservatives being disingenuous. The appeal to them, as Tim Montgomerie has made clear, is twenty more seats to the Tories! Not whether it's a fair level playing field. The proposed changes do no credit and have caused many problems. Not least Copeland, where Jamie Reed MP may as well helicopter from one part of the redrawn constituency to another, given where the roads are and the hills that are slap bang in the middle

2) Why should Labour help Cameron on something that benefits the Tories and not us, and where they have made that clear? Plus given the lack of respect that Cameron has among opposition MP's as well!

3) How does Cameron think he can get this through, unless he wants to play the Martyr Card, rally sympathy around the Conservatives and do what he and Osborne have a tendency to do unless caught red handed, which is blame all and sundry but themselves

Anyone care to answer?


Tim Roll-Pickering said...

I live in one of the largest mainland constituencies in the country. The electorate is growing all the time - the latest register update shows twice as many voters added as taken off. Why precisely should my vote count for less than Nick Clegg's or Ed Miliband's?

Labour tried to make a number of arguments to protect their built-in advantage but most of them were poorly disguised excuses. They made a lot of talk about urban constituencies having special needs - so who is going to defend West Ham being ridiculous oversized?

And no, this is not special Conservative pleading. West Ham has one of the largest Labour majorities in the country - and East Ham is even larger in both regards - so a more equal settlement is not going to create an extra Conservative seat in Newham.

Paul Burgin said...

But with all due respect Tim that is only one example