Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney and the American Voters

In a Democratic country there is one temptation many politicians will face but must not succumb to and that is to insult your voters!
The temptation comes from frustration in not getting your message across, and/or the frustration of voters disagreeing with you in spite of your best efforts, but even so you must take the approach of humility and review your position and work at promoting your view.
Recently Mitt Romney not only was insulting, he made it very hard to win over nearly half the opposition he has and the opposition who are stuggling and want a change he particularly insulted. He then made it worse by not only not apologising but by saying that his remarks were "not elegantly stated!" Does he mean he would have phrased it differently to voters? Lets not forget he has a record of gaffes! Although he did apologise with this gaffe! He seems to attack Obama without thinking!
We must never take victory for granted but if Romney gets elected to the Oval Office, I will be stunned!

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