Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Andrew Mitchell Incident

It is not often I agree with Boris Johnson, but on this occasion I do so almost wholeheartedly! What concerns me however is that Andrew Mitchell will not disclose what he says and the logbook confirms the account given by the police involved
Unless Andrew Mitchell says what he said, and explains where he was beforehand, difficult and tiring day as it was, then he should resign and David Cameron should apologise as should those Tories who backed him (who have nearly smeared the police in the process). I appreciate in some cases, and I include Tim Montgomerie who I have linked to, they have done it out of misplaced decency and I know what it is like to back someone in the face of public opinion when you take that someone at their word, but the evidence does point strongly against Andrew Mitchell (and I for one know of one witness to the incident) and it is in character and he should therefore resign

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