Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: What A Year!

2012 will be remembered by many as being a year of miracles and fantastic achievements. For me personally it will go down as the year Rachel and I got married and I got a new job. But it was also the year Felix Baumgarner broke the sound barrier without being in a plane or car, and where a UK Cyclist (Bradley Wiggins) wwon the Tour De France, where Lord Leveson brought forward some hard proposals for reforming the press, where the UK hosted the Olympics and we won a plethora of Gold Medals, where the Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, where we have had someone with experience of the commercial world being chosen as the next Archbishop of Canterbury.
Of course for some this will have been a terrible year. The floods, deaths of loved ones, and the sufferings people have suffered in Syria, Afghanistan, and closer to home in Northern Ireland must not go amiss. Let us hope and pray for a better year next year

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