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Just a note to say I am now back blogging after getting married, returning from Honeymoon and settling into my new job. Many thanks to Stephen Glenn for helping to hold the fort and to my wife Rachel for her recent contributions
There is much I want to say but how to fit it in. I'd like to write about the recent shootings in the US, respond to the person who has tried leaving various comments on my pages saying I should be judgemental on my blog towards Gays (clearly this person is not Gay or knows Gays and knows the pain involved, or maybe he/she is and is self hating). Personally I want to be theologically correct but I would also like to be pastorally considerate, otherwise I am a clanging gong or a cymbal and have not love.
Which also leads me to mentioning that I am planning shortly to blog on the Centenary of the birth of Pope John Paul I and the Women Bishops/gay marriage issue in the Church of England, or maybe all as one post. Now that would be a real challenge!
Oh and PS. Welcome back to blogging Iain Dale!


Complementarian Helen said…
I am the person who you thought wanted you to be judgemental to wards gays. I once shared a flat with a gay teenage lad whom I was very fond of. (I cried for him when he found a boyfriend.)I do not advocate hatred towards anyone, but it worries me that as a Christian & lay minister you should not encourage anyone that it is OK to be gay. The Bible says clearly that those who practice homosexuality will not inherit the kingdom of God. Therefore, warning people that they are not right with God unless they repent, and turn from all known sin including homosexual acts and fantasies is a loving thing to do. There is no such thing as a gay Christian:if you identify yourself as gay, you have obviously not repented of your sin, and no genuine regenerating work of the Holy Spirit has taken place in you. A mark of a genuine convert is to hate the sin you once loved.
I get the impression from your posts that you think its OK to be homosexual. (Forgive me if I'm wrong.) As Christians we should all warn those who delude themselves into thinking they are saved, while indulging in gross disobedience towards God.That is loving!
I say this not to be an obnoxious troll, but to plead with you not to condone homosexuality on your blog!
Paul Burgin said…
Thankyou for your response. For me the hallmark of a Christian is the belief that Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead. I live by The Biblical belief that all have sinned, all are sinners before God and need repentance. I refuse point blank to say or do anything that causes needless pain to others, whilst sticking to core theological values and if anyone finds that easy then they are deluding themselves. I have Gay and Lesbian friends, some of them are closer to God in some ways than I am, and I see gross disobedience towards God from many Christians in many ways, from sexual misconduct, to ignoring the pleas of the Poor and supporting economic beliefs that keep people in the gutter (and you can include many Conservative minded Christians that seem to take a liberal view there). I will stand by my desire to Love God and Love my neighbour and, even though I sometimes make mistakes in that (and for that I ask for eberyones prayers), I will not flinch from that!
Complementarian Helen said…
Thanks for allowing my comment through.
My issue re Repentance is that if a person with homosexual temptations has truely repented he/she should be celibate; to say I repent, then carry on regardless is telling God and the world that a person loves their sin more than they love God.
(Try googling 'Lordship salvation'eg Theopedia)
Anyway, don't want to start a fight, as you are married to a much loved friend, and I did so enjoy the wedding!
Helen (of Moresby!)

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