Friday, January 04, 2013

Blogging Highlights from Tom Harris and Iain Dale: A Review of Sorts

On my birthday in September, I got from my wife two books, one of which was the book "Why I'm Right and Everyone Else Is Wrong" by Tom Harris. Basically it contains the best of his blogposts when Tom was renowned for being one of the most widely read Labour Party bloggers in the UK.
Far from being in straightforward chronological order, the blogpieces reprinted in the book are divided into subject matter ranging from Parliament, to the Tony and Gordon situation, to what some would call an obsession, but others a total understanding appreciation of Doctor Who (something I share). It's serious, but also entertaining and funny, and clever, and shows a strong hinterland and a reminder as to why Tom was loved and is missed for his insightful blog posts.
What I have yet to read is Iain Dale's recent publication "Blogfather", which I understand is similar to Tom Harris's book, although Walaa Idris has written a review here. Iain has recently started blogging again and has so far not lost his touch. While his politics are different to mine (Thatcherite Conservative to my Right-Wing, Croslandite, Fabian, Social Democratic, whatever you call it) Iain has a sure touch when it comes to blogging and connecting with his varied readers, as well as showing a keen understanding about the intricacies of UK politics and the personalities involved (which takes some doing). If his blog has anything to go by I look forward to reading it. A possible hint there Rachel! ;-)

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