Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Government Boundary Proposals Voted Out!

I can understand the Tories' frustration, they claim the status quo is against them. But then equally we need a system that is fair for all, and the proposals do not take into account those who need to be on the voting register, the impracticalities of some of the constituencies drawn up, and a system that is fair to all parties! Maybe the Conservatives need to consider that rather than looking at changes most likely to give them an overall majority

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Tim Roll-Pickering said...

The existing system doesn't take into account voters not on the register either - the sole numbers used are the numbers on the register on the particular day the review starts. Thoughout all this long debate I'm surprised that so many myths get trotted out (on all sides) and how many people suddenly get on a high horse about factors that aren't included in the current system anyway (another are the non-voting population) and which they didn't spend any time during the last government adding to the system.

As somebody who lives in one of the largest constituencies in the country, which is only going to get even larger in the years to come, and which has a HUGE Labour majority, I have yet to hear a convincing reason as to why the present anomalies should continue.