Monday, January 28, 2013

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands To Abdicate!

To be honest this is not entirely a surprise! Her Mother abdicated in 1980, and her Grandmother in 1948, so this seems to be a growing Dutch Royal tradition!
That said, does it signify pressure for other monarchies to follow suit? I somehow doubt it even though it is possible, as it is unprecedented in other countries. It is especially unlikely in the UK where the Queen may well feel that by abdicating she is violating her coronation oath and has memories of the only voluntary abdication in the UK which are likely unwelcome!
So I doubt other countries will follow suit, especially the UK, but it seems that the Netherlands are developing a Royal Tradition where their soverign does not remain monarch unto death. Congratulations also to Crown Prince Willem Alexander, who will be the first male Dutch Head of State in over 120 years

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