Saturday, January 19, 2013

Real Life/ The Internet

Recently I have heard about Twitter addiction and Social Media addiction being a growing trend, now I may put forward a good argument against that and you would not be surprised, given I obviously use social media a lot, but I think social media can be like alcohol. Good for some, not for others. To be best taken in moderation and not to the exclusion of everything else. So here is what I think is good and what is lacking about social media

  • Social Media is good for meeting new people. After all, my wife and I met via a mutual friend on Facebook. However meeting people in real life is far better
  • In real life you can travel to other countries, eat nice food, drink tea, have sex (no, cyber sex is not the same thing!), gauge other people's emotions more clearly, enjoy the environment of town and countryside around you
  •   Social Media is good for receiving up to date news and information (Twitter for example is very good at that), but depending on how you are involved, how is it best to utilise whatever news you receive which is important to you!
  • A final question. How well do you know someone or some people who live several thousand miles away compared to your own neighbour?
Some points to ponder on perhaps!

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