Monday, February 25, 2013

Clegg and Renard and the Lib Dems In Trouble!

To be fair I think Nick Clegg may have a point. If allegations are made anonymously and there is not enough to go on there is not much one can do. Not only that he is right, this is a bit of a trial by media. However it would be easy to accept that and not feel there are some basic concerns and that some facts were overlooked. Namely

  • When the "non specific" allegations were made. Did Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander, and/or Jo Swinson ask for those making allegations to be more specific? If not then why not?
  • Why were there no proper structures in place in further investigating such concerns?

  • Equalities Minister Jo Swinson says she took actions after allegations were made. What action did she take?

I am pleased the Lib Dems are now doing to lines of enquiry. One into Lord Renard, the other into why the inital allegations were not properly handled, but this could not come at a worse time for the Liberal Democrats with an important by-election on Thursday, caused by a Lib Dem cabinet minister being engulfed in scandal

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