Galloway and Israel

You wouldn't have thought it would you! The man who saluted Saddam Hussein's strength and courage, the man who has said Hezbollah are not a terrorist group, or said that Julian Assange was merely guilty of bad etiquette, has managed to cause offence and shock!
But last night Galloway managed it again! He walked out of a debate at Christchurch, Oxford on whether Israel should withdraw from the West Bank on finding the opposing speaker was an Israeli by stating that he did not debate Israelis and did not recognise the state of Israel.
I suggest to George Galloway that he lie in a darkened room and reflect on the following. He knew what the debate was about and that there would be an opposing motion, and yet refused to debate with an individual because of his heritage and national background. As if it was okay for someone else to say the same things so long as he was not Israeli! That was racism pure and simple! The people of Bradford West should feel ashamed for having voted for him and I know many MP's are feeling revolted that someone with such views is among them! I suggest he does the decent thing and send a public apology to the Oxford Union and to all Israelis


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