Monday, February 18, 2013

Iain Duncan Smith and Shelf Stacking

I really do take issue with what Iain Duncan Smith has said here. Not having been in this situation, I imagine Duncan Smith may not have first hand experience, so let me help him here!

  • First of all personal experience. I come from a middle class family and am a University graduate, and have experienced periods of unemployment and have been prepared to take any job within reason. I have cleaned floors in Tesco's, helped stack at Sainsbury's among other jobs I did not envisage doing. 
  • I know various friends who hold better degrees than me and who have been turned down from better jobs than shelf-staking for being "overqualified" the painful word many University graduates hear and read
  • At least Cait Reilly had the guts to take Poundland on. Many in her position who have less aspirations would not have dared, after all what do they have to fall back on?

  • Many in politics who make pronouncements on poverty and unemployment do so having never had the experience. Trust me it saps at your confidence, can make you feel frustrated and bitter, and makes you fearful as well as hopeful, for your future

  • Getting people to work for nothing in Poundland undercuts the existing staff and drives down their wages. Is that right? Is that ideal? Is it good?

I agree with Iain Duncan Smith that one should not be snobbish about jobs on offer, but I do think he should look more closely at a problem that isn't so cut and dried!

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