Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kelvin Mackenzie to be sued by Hillsborough relatives

To be honest, few people are going to be surprised by this and many will feel that Mackenzie has only himself to blame. Mackenzie himself has stated that he was fed false information by South Yorkshire Police and they should pay for the suffering he has received for running the story, so he is suing them
The thing is Mackenzie did not apologise for years when common decency, common sense, and good taste, would suggest he should. He put his own pride before the sufferings of the relatives of those who died and the survivors by doing so, he initially apologised and then took it back by saying he only apologised because Murdoch told him to (which is enough to make anyone wonder if his apology in the face of public opinion is genuine), when he did give his second apology last year he then tried to turn it round and add insult to injury to the Liverpool football fans by claiming the attacks on The Sun were motivated by political bias Roy Greenslade has pointed out that Mackenzie has an "Anti scouse bias"
This strikes me as the acts of someone who has no compassion and empathy for the fans, or for anyone in Liverpool and who has repeatedly insulted and trashed the memories of those who died, their family and friends, and those who survived. It seems inevitable for a man who edited The Sun paper and ran it the way he did with the type of stories they produced, but how sad that one individual has ended up screwed up and twisted the way he is and has ended up becoming, as a result of his stupid actions, a national pariah.

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