Saturday, February 16, 2013

Maria Hutchings. Should She Be MP for Eastleigh!

Much is being made on this and it is easy to make knee jerk comments either way, so let's get down to some brass tacs

If Maria Hutchings is that concerned why does she not take a leaf out of John O'Farrell's comments, where he states:- “Ten years ago, when I was concerned about the lack of suitable local schools, I organised with other parents to set up a new non-selective state school.“My own children went there and I served as chair of governors for eight years. Maria Hutchings claims to ‘get things done’ – but in actual fact the opposite is true. All she’s shown is that she’s just as out of touch as the rest of the Conservative party, whether on education, tax cuts for millionaires or trebling tuition fees.” In other words she should use her clout to help campaign for better schooling instead of insulting the parents of other children in Eastleigh. Rather like when she did her usual shoot first ask questions later and was appallingly offensive about the Third World and immigrants 

What we need from any local MP, no matter what political party they are from, is an ability to empathise and help one's community and indeed the wider World, and not behave like the sort of common snobby envy ridden type of person who blindly accepts Mail and Express and Sun newspaper editorials!

ADDENIUM: I should point out that I appreciate that Maria Hutchings has at least one autistic child and share her concern regarding provision for her children, but she should not bring her children into political campaigning, as Mark Thompson wisely states, nor should she by her comments, show a lack of regard for others who through no choice are tied to state schooling


Anonymous said...

Some more quotes from O'Farrell.

Writing about Lady Thatcher, Mr O’Farrell said: ‘I would invent all sorts of elaborate scenarios whereby she would cease to be Prime Minister of Britain. Some involved a sombre deputation from the 1922 Committee [of Tory MPs] and others involved me popping up with a machine-gun at the Conservative Party Conference.

‘In October 1984, when the Brighton bomb went off, I felt a surge of excitement at the nearness of her demise and yet disappointment that such a chance had been missed.

'This was me – the pacifist, anti-capital punishment, anti-IRA liberal – wishing that they had got her. “Why did she have to leave the bathroom two minutes earlier?” I asked myself over and over again.’

Paul Burgin said...

I think you will notice that O'Farrell was referring to an immature stage in his life when he was an undergraduate and he has since apologised for his views. Maria Hutchings made her comments years later and has yet to apologise. I also think you should re-read the last sentence in his comments and note the tone of self condemnation

Anonymous said...

A note from Lord Tebbit whose wife was permanently crippled in the Brighton atrocity.

"Perhaps the most interesting speculation revolves around the Labour candidate, John O'Farrell. It was not in any off-the-cuff, over-the-top, spur-of-the-moment that Mr O'Farrell expressed his support for the SinnFein/IRA terrorists who attempted to murder Margaret Thatcher in the Brighton bombing. He put his thoughts into a book. It was published. They are on the record.

He wrote that he was disappointed that Mrs Thatcher survived. "Why did she have to leave the bathroom two minutes earlier?" he wrote.

I do not know to what extent his disappointment that Sinn/FeinIRA failed to kill the Prime Minister was eased by the deaths of five other people or the injuries incurred by John Wakeham and my wife.

The question now is not just whether any rational or decent Labour voter in Eastleigh will vote for this creature O'Farrell. It is a test for the Labour leader, Mr Miliband. Does he endorse Mr O'Farrell and the latter's disappointment that the attempt against Margaret Thatcher failed, or will he have the decency and courage to repudiate the Labour candidate?

His decision will tell us a lot about Mr Miliband."

Farrell wrote his words in order to hurt and to de-humanise an atrocity.

Hardly the actions of an "Immature".

Paul Burgin said...

But when O'Farrell wrote those comments he was referring to the past tense, not his present thoughts