Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Patrick Troughton

As part of the 50th Anniversary Year of Doctor Who, Mars Hill will be looking at each of the actors and their interpretation of the role of the Doctor, culminating with Matt Smith in Nov. This month we are looking at Patrick Troughton.

Patrick Troughton is seen by some as a brave actor. For some of his successors in the role his interpretation outside their own is their favourite. As Colin Baker once put it in an episode of Doctor Who Confidential, Patrick Troughton showed that you could take over the role and do your own interpretation and win over an audience.
His Doctor was noticeably different to his predecessor. Younger, shorter, (seemingly) more clumsy, more nervous, and yet there were the similarities. Wise, carrying an air of authority, a rebellious streak, a love of travel and in particular the planet Earth, curious, a sense of righteousness and the desire to fight evil wherever it is. Qualities that we would also see in future Doctors.
We also saw the Second Doctor visit Earth's history less often and visit Earth's present day on an almost regular basis. A precursor of things to come and also this was the Doctor who first dealt with on more than one occasion, enemies other than the Daleks (or the Meddling Monk), such as Cybermen, Ice Warriors, and Yeti, as well as seeing a Doctor partly defined by who their companions are, in this case the loyal Jamie McCrimmon from 18th Century Scotland (played by Fraser Hines)
The Patrick Troughton era set a lot of trends in Doctor Who, maybe in some respects the real 50th Anniversary will be in 2016

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