Thursday, February 28, 2013

SPADS, Bullying, Michael Gove, and Dominic Cummings

One of the uncomfortable truths of political satire is that it is a small exaggeration about some of what goes on and in The Thick of It one of those uncomfortable truths involved Malcolm Tucker's inability to conduct a proper civilised conversation in a day minus threats and insults
As it is there is a growth in this to a point where it becomes a problem and usually from some SPADS. The former Prime Minister, Sir John Major has brilliantly put forward the downsides we have with SPADS  recently, as it is we have seen that more closely with the Department of Education under Michael Gove.
Gove seems surprised at the accusations of bullying from his SPADS, notably Dominic Cummings, but I would respectfully suggest that when Gove is not busy alienating teachers with altering the History syllabus amongst other things he takes a look at The Independent and it's piece on Feb 20th, where Cummings allegedly makes the charming suggestion to the newspaper's Political Editor that he seeks psychiatric help!
If things continue as they are then Cummings is in for a heap of trouble if he isn't already, and Gove had better rethink how he picks his advisers

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