Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tim Montgomerie To Leave ConservativeHome

Saddened but not surprised to see Tim Montgomerie leave ConservativeHome, and disappointed but not surprised to see him join a Murdoch newspaper, but C'est la vie perhaps!
There are not many people on the Right of the Conservative Party I have time for but Iain Dale is one (although I understand that technically he is no longer a member of the Conservative Party) and Tim Montgomerie is another. Sometimes I strongly disagree with him, but find him to be polite and gracious most of the time and will always be impressed by the way he took on Donal Blaney over his support for Pinochet on the 18 Doughty Street programme (and I was in the building at the time, with Kerron Cross and Stephen Tall, both of us waiting to be interviewed by Iain Dale) At last, I thought, a Tory who sees the situation for what it is and how damaging it is for a political party in this country when some of it's members publicly support tyrants
In politics it is easy to be snide and unpleasant and readers of this blog will know it is a failing of mine, although I try not to be. Tim however equips himself well and my thoughts and prayers for him and I wish him well for the future

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