Monday, February 18, 2013

Votes At 16? Sorry But No!

I have been challenged via Twitter, from Kiff no less, to blog on Votes at 16, as he has done so himself. I recommend you read his well thought out piece
I think there are good arguments for and against, but overall I am against on the basis that at 16 you are just on the cusp of adulthood and need time to make mature decisions about things. Some will argue about the fact that at 16 you can have sex and fight for your country and get a job and there is an anomaly there, and they are right and for a long while I agreed. Perhaps, I thought, we should therefore raise the 16 bar for permissible things to 17 and lower the permissible stuff for 18 year olds down one year
But writing this now I wonder. Is it not best that these laws of permissibility are done gradually, otherwise it is like giving a green light to a child in a sweet shop and saying you can have it all it once! Far better perhaps to enjoy what is left of one's adolescence and gradually wade into adulthood. After all it takes time to learn how to swim!

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