Thursday, February 07, 2013

When politics meets real life

I've just seen this posted on Facebook by someone who I have never previously seen comment on politics:

"Would just like to say a huge thank you to the bloody horrible government for wrecking our lives.. For the government who are making my mam move from her home of 35 years because we aren't rich enough to pay extra for the rooms they now have an issue with being there! Another thanks to the government for slowly increasing the pension age which means even though my mam is 60, won't be entitled to pension til she's 63.. Another thanks to the government who made local councils take down one bedroom houses saying they were of no use or need which now because of this new scheme in place because of the bedroom tax people like my mam can't win coz there will always be an extra room to pay for.. Another thanks to the government because this now will probably mean she can't take her very old and frail pets.. Another thanks to the government for putting extra stress on an already ill woman with epilepsy who's health doesn't come into consideration of the new law that wants you to pay for the rooms. And an extra special thanks to government for making myself and stu feel so extra shit for my mam not wanting to move her we have even considered giving up our own house to move in and pay for my mams therefore putting our own lives on hold! Thanks very much government. And thanks everyone who voted conservatives as well who have always been in favour of the rich not the paupers like us! Life is fucking great. It's not the prime minister who has to look at my mam in absolute bits at losing her home of all her memories of my dad!"

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