Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Name of the Doctor - Theories

A lot is being said about the forthcoming Doctor Who story on Saturday; The Name of the Doctor. It is the last story before the Fiftieth Anniversary story and they are connected in some way, plus it is where Clara Oswald's identity is revealed. Some theories are naturally going around and given the fact it is the episode before the fiftieth anniversary one, I thought I would mention some theories of mine! I would not be surprised though if none of them turn out to be true :)

  • Previous Doctors will make cameo appearances. There is debate about whether or not any of them, bar David Tennant, will be in the 50th Anniversary, but no one has said anything about this episode and Matt Smith said the fiftieth anniversary does not have to simply consist of one episode

  • Clara will turn out to be a former companion of the Doctor from the Classic Series, or a Time Lady (possibly Romana), or even the Doctor's wife who doesn't have to be from Gallifrey 

  • Expect the Doctor's old roadster Bessie to make an appearance (actually I have heard a rumour that is a given). Definetly nods and winks to the Classic Series 

Of course I could be wrong, but speculation about forthcoming episodes is surely part of the delights of fandom


Rob Carr said...

There's already clips of Bessie and Clara about. I also rather suspect that Clara is in fact Jenny, the Doctor's 'daughter'. Anyway, all will be revealed on Saturday. Or at least some will be revealed...

Paul Burgin said...

That had occurred to me but there is a frisson between the Doctor and Clara from what I have seen, so think perhaps not, but will be good when Jenny makes an appearance