Cameron and Integrity

I have to say I was not surprised by the government committing to this action. It also shows that Labour is taking a lead on this issue, but the timing also is suspicious.
The summer of 2015 will be just after the general election. Of course if it is deliberately timed as such it would not be the first time a government has inflated the economy temporarily in order to get re-elected, and for the price freezes to finish in the summer of 2015, is concerning, especially after the Conservatives have castigated Labour for it, claiming it will damage the markets and is marxist in tone!
This U-Turn also shows that Cameron is not so much bothered by policy as he is to retain it. He probably wants to leave Downing Street before 2020, but wants to win the next election outright and leave thinking that he was, if not popular, then not unpopular as PM! It begs the question yet again of Cameron (and Osborne whose agreement would be needed for such a policy) what does Cameron stand for?


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