2013: A Review

Well it has been a year. While the deaths of Baroness Thatcher and Nelson Mandela were expected, the loss of Sir David Frost among others was not. We also did not expect Pope Benedict XVI to resign and the new Pope, Cardinal Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, (who took the name Francis) to be so popular! We also saw a meteorite explode over Russia, more leaks on US Security, an escalation of the civil war in Syria, Iran send a monkey into Space, and China to land a rover on the Moon!
What do we expect for 2014 then! Well an escalation of hostilities between the main parties as they gear up for the 2015 general election, a reckoning with Syria, major challenges for the Roman Catholic Church, and Scotland to vote "No!" in the Referendum on Independence
Also expect Peter Capaldi to be mentioned by some as "The Best Doctor Who since Tom Baker!",  a possible engagement for Prince Harry, and Iain Dale and Rev.Richard Coles planning a Radio Four documentary on celebrities and dogs ;-) (Now which of those is the least likely!)
On a personal note, among other things I aim to be a bit ruthless in my eating habits (I need to be more healthy in that department as my family tell me), get my lay ministry training done and dusted (God willing), and get Mars Hill more professional and up to date as a blog!
With all of that in mind I pray and wish you all a happy and contented 2014


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