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Pink Floyd: High Hopes

Marine Commando Father Refuses to meet Trump

Trump Tower Opening in Vancouver

Sir John Major and Brexit

Thought for the Day CCXLII

Oasis: Wonderwall

And the Oscar Goes To...!

Le Pen, Corruption involving Front Nationale, and the European Parliament

Irene Clennell Deported to Singapore with £12 in her Pocket

Sir Gerald Kaufman 1930-2017

Thought for the Day CCXLI

Mozart: 21st Piano Concerto, 2nd Movement

Discovery of the Trappist System

Trump and Nuclear

Nigel Farage's Dinner With Donald Trump

Large Gathering Following Nemstov's Murder

Thought for the Day CCXL

Thought for the Day CCXXXIX

Paul McCartney: Maybe I'm Amazed

Turkish Diplomats and their Relatives Seek Asylum in Germany

Storm Doris

Losing Copeland

Thought for the Day CCXXXVIII

Thought for the Day CCXXXVII

John Lennon: Woman

Bowie Up for BRIT Awards

Street Parties in Honour of Jo Cox

No "Blank Cheque" on Brexit!

US Muslim Community Helps Repair Jewish Cemetery

Thought for the Day CCXXXVI

Billy Joel: New York State of Mind

Nile Rodgers Reveals Proposed Collaboration With George Michael

Ship Plans to Drift in Ice Over North Pole

HSBC in Difficulty

German AfD leader Meets Pro Putin Russians

Hospital Cuts Across England

Thought for the Day CCXXXV

Holst: Venus

The Anti Trump Rally

RIP Steve Hewlett

Mike Pence and NATO

The Lords and Brexit

Thought for the Day CCXXXIV

George Harrison: I'd Have You Anytime

Piers Morgan Quits RTS Awards

Thought for the Day CCXXXIII

Genesis: Follow You Follow Me

Trump and that News Conference

Thought for the Day CCXXXII

Blair and Brexit

Thought for the Day CCXXXI

Elgar: Salut d' amour

Media Attacks on Judges "Undermines the Law" Says Supreme Court President

Andy Puzder Withdraws Candidacy for US Secretary of Labour

Less Spent on Alcohol and Tobacco

Thought for the Day CCXXX

ELO: Mr Blue Sky

US Republicans Concerned about Michael Flynn

Thought for the Day CCXXIX

The Clash: London Calling

Paul Nuttall and Hillsborough

The Continuing Protests in Romania

Brexit: What Now?

Thought for the Day CCXXVII

Beethoven: Ode to Joy

On the Net Shutdown in Cameroon

White House Aide, Michael Flynn, and Russia

Co-Op Bank Up for Sale

Bell ringer injured at Worcester Cathedral and Winched 80ft High

Thought for the Day CCXXVI

The Beatles: Revolution

North Korea Tests Ballistic Missile

Thought for the Day CCXXV

Campaigning in Copeland Diary Part IV

Campaigning in Copeland Diary Part III

Thought for the Day CCXXIV

Abba: Thank You For The Music

The Graffiti on the New York Subway

Campaigning in Copeland Diary Part II

Thought for the Day CCXXIII

Cicero on Stage

Government Pushing for Hard Brexit

Campaigning in Copeland Diary Part I

Thought for the Day CCXXII

Thought for the Day CCXXI

David Beckham and the Knighthood

The Speaker of the House of Commons and Donald Trump

Thought for the Day CCXX

Lost Bob Marley Tapes Discovered

Labour and Brexit and Accountability

Trump and Criticism and His Failure to Take It

Julian Assange Demands Freedom

Northern Ireland's Invitation to Donald Trump

Thought for the Day CCXIX

British Halley Antarctic Base Relocated

Trump and Putin

Marine Le Pen and Globalisation

Cardinal Nichols Criticises Trump

Who Should be the Next Doctor?

Thought for the Day CCXVIII

NEW UPDATE: Community Resilience and Politics in the New Era: Updated reflections.

Defence Secretary Warns of Russian Hacking

Suspected Terrorist Shot in the Louvre

Thought for the Day CCXVII

Milo Yiannopoulos and Berkeley

The Romanian Corruption Allegations

Le Pen, Fillon, and Financial Mismanagement

Trump and his International Phone Calls

Thought for the Day CCXVI

Brexit close to the land border with the EU

Commons Vote to Trigger Article 50

David Cameron Wanting the Daily Mail Editor Sacked

Thought for the Day CCXV